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For a week before 2012 was to dawn, the local swell charts started to suggest a decent swell for the South African coast. These same charts were also suggesting unseasonal, offshore winds for the Eastern Cape coast.

There was a thought of heading up to st Francis but this was more a dream than anything.
As the week dragged on, the charts were not changing much and a little itch began to intensify.

I then received a call from a parent of a couple groms (young surfers) that I needed to shoot with to say they were keen on a surf trip.
They left the next day!

I was still uncertain.
I had no idea, except for 3 groms, of who was heading up for the swell or which of the J-Bay crew were available.

At the last minute, I got my camera gear and drove up on my own.

This ended up being the best surf trip yet!
The waves were sick, good hot weather, warm water and so many people I know made the mission to J-Bay for the swell.

The original idea was to shoot in St Francis, but we never did!
Supers in J-Bay was just so good and the surfers I had organized to shoot with were ripping.

3 surfers stood out on this trip for me.
Dylan Wichmann ripped on his backhand. Once he figured out the wave he was doing some stylish turns and the occasional air

Emma Smith, one of our top female surfers and Current SA junior surfing team member, Impressed with her style, flair and committed turns

The third surfer to impress was Matthew McGillivray. The newest member of the SA junior team just ripped.
I had never seen this kid surf before, but what raw talent coupled with a good-looking style.

All 3 of these surfers were on a list of surfers I needed to shoot for an up coming feature in ZigZag surfing magazine. All three nailed great shots!

Not only was this the most enjoyable surf trip yet, it also yielded some great images.
Sadly I need to keep my good images under wraps so the mag will consider them for print.
However I have selected the next best 30 images for this gallery!


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dave richards

Nice work chappy, some sick shots bro! What an awesome little east coast get away 🙂

13 Jan

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