Summer’s End

Posted on March 5th, 2012 in Surf

It has been a great end to the summer over the last few weeks. There has been everything from fun, gentle summer surf to some epic bigger stuff.

Two sessions in particular stand out!

The First was a session at the Kommetjie “super bank”, aka Krans!
A good solid swell pulled in which produced some epic barrels.
As usual for Krans there were loads of closeouts but amongst the death pit there were some gems that opened up nice.

The Second session was a pre-dawn mission to Dungeons.
This was a Rad experience to shoot South Africa’s premier big wave spot at first light.

It has been a good run of swell of late, missed a few but that happens.
I have also been working extra hard to capture images that will hopefully stand out from the crowds of photographers shooting surfing these days.

These 20 images are some of the “left over’s” from what was a great end to a fun Summer.


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