Early Season

Posted on December 10th, 2012 in Surf with 1 Comment

It has been a mix bag this summer so far.
We have had some insane gale force southeast winds that have been going for days on end, but a few good swells in freezing waters have kept us entertained.

The two major positives regarding our insane winds down here is that, firstly, it brings fun onshore waves to False Bay. These on shores are often coupled with warm water (by our standards). However warm water brings some unwanted visitors to “the bay”, namely the Great White Shark.

Plenty of waves to look at already this summer 

The second positive effect of these hideous winds is SAND!
We are blessed with some world-class beach breaks here in Cape Town. The southeast winds blow sand straight into the line up and this forms shallow sandbars that create some intense, fast-breaking, hollow waves.

Daniel Wilson Enjoying the Kom “super bank” 

When the winds finally decide to calm to a near gale and we have a decent sand build up in the line up, there is no better place to be for a surfer chasing that perfect wave.
Already, this season, we have seen the Kommetjie “super bank” show its promise.
After days of howling off shore winds, a good little sand bar welcomed a clean ground swell and the “green room” was open.

Hectic onshore winds bring swell to False Bay 

These Kommetjie surf sessions were very welcome by me personally as I had not shot surfing in Cape Town for weeks.
The surfers I had at my disposal, surfed the epic waves with style and confidence and coupled with nice lighting, some good images were created.

Holly Armstrong sets up 

There have also been opportunities for me to shoot from the water, which has been more pleasant than expected.
The major downside of the wind is that it brings ice-cold water to the surface.
I personally loath cold water and don’t look forward to working in such inhumane conditions.
Luck for me, It has not been to cold (at time of writing) and I have managed to create a couple half decent water shots.

Jay Veldhuis cuts loose 

It has been a promising start to the summer surf season here in Cape Town but things have been a little on the slow side, since that epic swell to blast the Kommetjie sand banks.
Since then it has been wind, wind and more wind and a cold flat ocean on the east side of the peninsular.
I do hope the wind backs of soon and we get some decent summer swells so our epic beach breaks can show their true potential

Waves down the beach have been pretty good so far…

A gallery of shots from a promising early season.


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