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Posted on August 4th, 2014 in Lifestyle, Surf, Surf Trips, Work

Shooting surfing is a hack!
There are so many uncontrollable elements that need to gel seamlessly before any picture making activities can commence.

However when these said elements line up the results are often worth all the pain, frustration, stress, disappointments, the serious lack of appreciation, piss poor pay, copyright infringements, lawyers, haters, wannabes and the outrageous expenses worth it.
It is these moments that keep me in the game.

The following images are some of my favorites over the last while.
Some have been published (some multiple times). Some may not be my best shots in pure photographic terms, but all represent a collision of elements that made that shot special.

shot1Daniel Wilson,  Deep South, Cape Town

shot2Tanika Hoffman

shot3Ethan Fletcher, J-Bay

shot4Emma Smith, Eastern Cape

Possibly my favorite shot over the last 12 months!

So much effort went into this prior to releasing the shutter including a long swim through nerve racking deep (sharky) water and Emma nailed this on the first wave. She is such a pro and pushes my water photography like no other. This shot made print here in SA and in the USA. Stoked!

shot5Dylan Wichmann, Boland

shot6Faye Zoetmulder

shot7swimming with the dolphins, J-Bay

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