Posted on August 27th, 2014 in Surf

While everyone was focused on the big wave spots last weekend. I decided to focus on some epic beach breaks with a small group of red-hot young surfers

Frustratingly, a particular beach break was a no go zone due to a stubborn Great White shark cruising the lineup.
So we decided to hit the high tide Kommetjie beach breaks. However, a particular right down the beach was not breaking as expected so the guys stuck mainly to main peak at Longbeach.

I’m not a fan of main peak, It is not a wave that suits what I’m trying to achieve when shooting surfing. I was also not blessed with good lighting on this occasion (common issue) so good A-Grade surf images were always going to be a challenge.
Lucky for me though, the surfers were AMPED and were going mad in the friendly conditions.

15 images from a Longbeach High tide session.


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