Summer 15

Posted on March 2nd, 2015 in Lifestyle, Surf

It has been a good summer, for waves this part of the world. However it was sadly not so great on the image making front.
Tried a number of new things. Some paid off, most did not.

Amongst all the negatives, missed opportunities, camera breakdowns, un-cooperative subjects (surfers) and frustrations, there were some positives to focus on.
One such positive was a quick East Coast surf trip with the Smith sisters (view blog). It was always positive too be shooting especially from the water where a few fun session where enjoyed.

10 random images from the more memorable moments of my summer.
Followed by galleries of out-takes and some surf related lifestyle type of images…

shot1Lincon Logie, Kommetjie

shot2aJordy Maree, Cape beach break


shot4Emma Smith, Seal Point

shot5Max Armstrong, Kommetjie

shot6Tanika Hoffman, Cape Town

shot7Daniel Wilson, Kommetjie





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