Summer Holidays 15/16

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 in Lifestyle, Surf

So the summer holidays have come and gone.

Surf wise they were pretty fun. Some good waves, great weather and ridiculous crowed lineups. However some great surfing in the mix too.

Sadly i missed a large chunk of it due to a water housing failure that killed my 7D and fisheye. Thankfully I’m all sorted and no damage to my Housing, just a stripped wing nut that did not close properly , hence the great flood

I did managed to get some shooting in at the usual spots. Little random look at some of the captures of the summer holidays.

shot1 Tanika Hoffman

shot2 Adin Masencamp

shot3 Tanika Hoffman

shot4 Jarred Veldhuis

shot5 Lisa Mace


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