Autumn 2014

Posted on June 17th, 2014 in Lifestyle, Surf, Surf Trips

So autumn (or Fall) has come and gone with some epic surf sessions.
Sadly I missed out on a few epic sessions due to camera gear maintenance and repairs but I still got out and about and shot when I could.

There were a couple of surf trips in the mix.
Early on there was a mission up the west coast to a wave that I have been frothing over for a while. Although not ideal conditions this was still a super fun mission.
Later on there was a east coast and J-Bay mission (see this blog here).

In between these surfing missions I did get too shoot a few good sessions around the Cape Peninsular that produced some epic shots.

10 images I shot this autumn
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shot3Matt Bromley up the west coast

shot1Emma Smith Smashed a few in J-Bay

shot6Joshe Faulkner smashes one at J-Bay


shot9sharing a barrel with Mikey Venter up the east coast 

shot4Fun times with Mikey February at a Cape beach break

shot5Tanika Hoffman Charging a solid Cape wall

shot2Gina Smith has been ripping this past autumn

shot7Steven Sawyer flips out up the east coast

shot8Post storm mellow vibes with Alan van Gysen

shot10Tanika Hoffman waits for a gap to paddle out 

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